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Born in a small mountain village in Slovenia, Mirjam had a truly bi-cultural
upbringing, raised by her Slovenian mother who is a talented musician, lace
maker and operates a small farm with her American born father who lived in
Northern Minnesota.

Mirjam used her energy and desire for knowledge to try a number of work and
learning experiences. She enrolled in a Glass Making School studying the
intricacies of glass, specializing in production of lenses and prisms. After seven
years there she attended a Private Collage for Economic professions in Austria,
graduated and went back to Slovenia.
Her experiences in fabric and fashion design, along with designing cards, posters,
painting and ceramics served to instill in her the desire to further a career in art
which led her to enroll into the School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia. At this time she was
working for the Deputy Chief of Missions at the US Embassy as caterer, cook and housekeeper. Mirjam graduated
as a fashion designer but later worked as an executive assistant for a Swiss company Schindler Elevators and
Escalators Ltd. At that time she met her future husband, married and moved to Minnesota. During that first and
long winter she started painting seriously and also started to work at a local gallery and frame shop and soon
learned how to frame artwork and other objects. Under renowned artist Terry Maciej she mastered watercolor
techniques and eventually started to explore the world of oils while she also continued to stay close to her great
love of photography.

Mirjam is an award winning artist now, judge at local art competitions, teaches language classes, translates,
sings with the Singing Slovenes and continues to work as a creative framer.

She also enjoys writing articles for magazines and newspapers, gardening, lace making and traveling with her
husband who is working for an airplane manufacturing company and his work takes him on the road for most of
the year which gives her the opportunity to take photographs of numerous places and objects.

To order the prints of her paintings and photographs please check out her online gallery
at: http://mirjamgremes.imagekind.com