Thursday, January 15, 2009

New On My Web Site: Slovenian Lessons (no. 4 and 5)

I added two new Slovenian Lessons (no. 4 and 5) and Cases to my Website today.

In Lesson No. 4 you will be able to familiarize yourself with the words that describe different professions, you will be able to ask people what their professions are and tell them yours. You will also learn that Slovenian nouns can be grouped according to their gender and the names of different countries. You will learn a couple of different verbs, personal pronouns, and new nouns. I ended the lesson with a dialog and some polite expressions that are always useful.

Lesson No. 5 is all about the time and dates. You can learn how to ask “what time is it”, and you will be able to understand the answer. You will also learn the names for the days of the week and how to find out how old your neighbor is – well that is if they are willing to share that secret with you.

Like always there are also audio files to help you with the pronunciation of new words. All you have to do is push the button.

Slovenian nouns, adjectives and pronouns take cases. In other words, depending on their relationship with other words in a sentence they change their endings. I have put them into the table format where you can clearly see in what cases and how the endings change.

I hope you enjoy my new lessons and wish you fast memorizing of new words.

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