Friday, January 30, 2009

New On My Web Site: Las Vegas - Lake Mead - Hoover Dam

Most common thing to do in Las Vegas, NV is of course gambling and watching thousand and one entertainer – some dressed into an elaborate costumes and some… well… not so much.

My favorite thing in Las Vegas is the architecture. Casinos, with attached hotels and shopping centers, have details of architectural styles from ancient Egypt to the latest architectural invention that exists and they are all by, or close to the main street which is known as Las Vegas Strip…

To find out more about my Las Vegas experience and see some of my photographs please visit my webpage at:

Mirjam’s World presents: Las Vegas

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New On My Web Site: Wine Country: Napa, Sonoma, CA

If I could live anywhere in the USA this would be the place. The nature is beautiful; the people are friendly and the climate is almost perfect. It is close to the ocean and close to the mountains. It has the gorgeous Russian river and beautiful redwood forests. The hills and valleys are covered with vineyards and fields, and the hospitable wineries don't offer just excellent wines but also locally made olive oils, cheeses and many, many other things…

To find out more about my wine country experience click on the following link:

Mirjam’s World presents: Wine Country: Napa, Sonoma, CA

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New On My Web Site: San Francisco, CA

I added San Franciso, CA to my website today.

San Francisco is one of my favorite American cities. I love the fresh ocean air, steep hills, Victorian architecture, the Cable car, bridges, stores, and stores, oh well... Last time I went there I had some extra time and I explored China Town. I had a blast, especially buying purses and taking photographs.

I also took a ride on the cable car , up and down and over the hill from Fisherman’s Wharf into downtown. It is actually quite noisy (which is par of the fun) and I wished they would let me ring that bell – maybe if I ask really, really nice next time when I am there…
To read more about the city and see some of my photographs and video I took there please visit my website at:

Mirjam’s World presents: San Franciso, CA

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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Posters

I have just added seven new posters to my Online – Imagekind – Gallery.
Check them out at:

Mirjam's Imagekind Gallery

1. Orange Fruits (I had no idea what kind of fruit this was when I took this photo, but it looked just gorgeous against the bright blue sky… I later discovered that it is type of a Kaki also called Diospyros kaki, Hachiya, Chinese persimmon and, Japanese persimmon)

2. Orange Glow (Sunset in Florida; This was the most incredible sunset I have ever seen. I didn’t have to use any filters or adjustments…)

3. Vineyard by the Oak trees (Sonoma, CA is one of my favorite places in the US. If I could afford it I would live there for sure…)

4. Edge of the Lava Filed (Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is about 60 miles east from Sun Valley, Idaho. The landscape is just incredible, dark and rugged; looking like the lava just stopped moving a week ago although it is 2000 years old.)

5. Yellowstone River (There is no shortage of subjects for a photographer in the Yellowstone National Park)

6. Thermophiles (There are also numerous bacteria and other thermophiles (heat-loving), with unpronounceable names like Candidatus chloracidobacterium thermophilum, living in the hot waters of various geothermal features in the Yellowstone National Park. By the color of the bacteria in the spring you are able to determine the relative temperature of it.)

7. Yellow and Blue (This Macaw gracefully posed for my photos as long as I needed…)

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By Norman Doidge, MD

This book is good news. It explains how the brain changes and parts of it even grow till we die. It also talks about the “rewiring” of the brain. If a certain part of the brain is damaged other parts take on some “extra duties”, but it also makes it clear that if you don’t use it, it is quite simple: you lose it. The book explains how important it is to continue to learn new things in order to keep the brain in shape and also reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. There are also ways to help kids that are learning-disabled and language-impaired.

The only complaint I would have is the fact that it recommends a computer program, that helps your brain stay in shape, which is of course excellent, but it is so expensive that I at least can not afford it. I wish there would be some or more advice on what to do to exercise your brain if you are not using a computer. The book is full of scientific facts but also stories of real people, which makes it fun and easy to read.

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By Louann Brizendine, MD

This book tries to explain the differences between the female and male brain and the effect of hormones on the brain. It would be an interesting read for moms with problematic teen-agers (and what teen-ager is not problematic?!?) and pregnant women. All those mood swings and crazy ideas… well they still don’t make sense but you are able to understand what is going on and find help if needed. Did you know that a pregnant woman’s brain actually starts losing weight, although it keeps the same number of brain cells, and permanently changes? The book also has a very good chapter for “mature” women. I’ve learned for instance that menopause actually lasts only 24 hours but perimenopause can lasts from two to nine (!!!) years.

What I thought was missing in this book was the effect of other factors on the brain since this book concentrates solely on hormones. I am not a scientist but I would think that our brain should be able to control the hormones to some degree and not the other way around. I also did not care much for the fact that, according to the writer, the solution for the problems exists mostly in the form of pills which I have a hard time believing. I think that the right way to deal with it would be to explore all of the other things that change or have an effect on the brain and start doing research that would find out if people can control their hormones without tons of medication. Over all I liked the book and I would recommend it to other people, especially women, but I would also tell them that they should not build their “brain philosophy” solely on this book.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New On My Web Site: Slovenian Lessons (no. 4 and 5)

I added two new Slovenian Lessons (no. 4 and 5) and Cases to my Website today.

In Lesson No. 4 you will be able to familiarize yourself with the words that describe different professions, you will be able to ask people what their professions are and tell them yours. You will also learn that Slovenian nouns can be grouped according to their gender and the names of different countries. You will learn a couple of different verbs, personal pronouns, and new nouns. I ended the lesson with a dialog and some polite expressions that are always useful.

Lesson No. 5 is all about the time and dates. You can learn how to ask “what time is it”, and you will be able to understand the answer. You will also learn the names for the days of the week and how to find out how old your neighbor is – well that is if they are willing to share that secret with you.

Like always there are also audio files to help you with the pronunciation of new words. All you have to do is push the button.

Slovenian nouns, adjectives and pronouns take cases. In other words, depending on their relationship with other words in a sentence they change their endings. I have put them into the table format where you can clearly see in what cases and how the endings change.

I hope you enjoy my new lessons and wish you fast memorizing of new words.

Slovenian Language, Lesson No. 4, Professions, Countries, Languages

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Creating Clip Art

As I am setting up my WebPages I like to use a lot of Clip Art images. I got some of them with my CoffeeCup program but there are specific images that I need. As I was trying to find out if I can use the Clip Art that I find on the Web, I could never be sure if they are protected with copyright laws or not. I use the images as an aide for my language lessons and I do not directly sell them but hope that I will eventually make some revenue from other things on my website. Since I could not figure this out I decided to do my own Clip Art. I bought brand new markers and started to draw. I scanned the images, turned them into GIF files, fixed them up with PhotoShop and made the backgrounds transparent. I have a ways to go yet but I have a lot of fun with it and the exact images that I need. Hurray!!!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

The pine tree on the photo grows in front of our house. I took the photo one chilly, foggy, afternoon a couple of weeks ago…

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