Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Posters: Birds and Alligators

I have just added six new posters to my Online – Imagekind – Gallery.
Check them out at:

Mirjam's Imagekind Gallery

1. Waiting For Things To Happen
(I took this photo in Gatorland, FL, where birds seem to live in harmony with alligators…)

2. The Eye Of A Monster
(This photo was taken about two feet from the alligator’s head. Luckily there was a fence between the two of us…)

3. and 4. Yellow Feet and White Feathers
(Snowy Egret looking for the last meal as the sun is setting and the darkness is moving in…)

5. Spiked Feathers
(Wood Stork is peacefully waiting for the evening to come…)

6. Blue Interrupted
(Watching these majestic, slow moving monsters peacefully moving across the pond gives you a false sense of security…)

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